FUTUREA offers services in four areas:

Payroll outsourcing, i.e. a comprehensive service for companies in terms of so-called HR and payroll administration which means taking over the ongoing management of the company’s personnel records, as well as precise and timely calculation of the employees’ salaries.

Training and consulting services for companies in four main areas: (1) organisation and operations of a company, (2) development of management skills and leadership, (3) human resources management, and (4) sales and professional customer care.

Searching for and selecting the best candidates to work at the company and then ensuring that they stay with the company as long as possible and feel comfortable there—active and multidimensional support for companies in activities minimising the staff turnover rates.

Comprehensive support for companies in organising company “special events,” e.g. sales conferences, integration events for employees, galas for the key business partners, and celebrations of company anniversaries.